March Goal: Month-end Update


It’s time for my month-end update on My Monthly Goals for 2018.  My goal for March was to “workout around the city” by trying different gyms, studios, and workouts that I’ve always wanted to try.  If you’re just catching up, be sure to read my mid-month update on the places I had checked out at that point in the month.  Now that we’re sitting here on March 31, here’s where I visited the second half of the month . . .


Main Street Wellness Studio (Candlelit Yoga)This is a very tiny . . . and I mean, very tiny . . . yoga studio in Reynoldsburg.  Which on some level, I loved.  The best part about this was how close it was to my house.  I am one town over so it took me about 5 minutes to get there.  Because I work in downtown Columbus and tend to cruise around hitting places that always come with traffic and difficult parking — it was refreshing to zip down the street to this place (though I was a little confused on parking because it’s on Main St., so I spent the first 10 minutes wondering if I’d get towed from the chiropractor parking lot next door).  Anyway, it’s one small studio that I’d say could fit up to six students comfortably, but could maybe fit 12 if needed.  It was only me and three other students which was kind of nice.  The studio itself was nothing fancy, somewhat reminding me of an old house my friends rented in college.  The practice itself was great and we used different props and tried different poses I hadn’t done before.  The only downside — I had hoped for a true candlelit class where it was dark and we were practicing only by the glow of the candles.  Thanks to the time change, it was still light outside.  So while there was a combination of battery operated and real candles, it was literally still light when we left.  The music was great though.  Overall, a positive experience.

Photo from @mainstreet_wellness on Instagram


Well, that was the extent of where I visited in the second half of the month.  One place.  Yup.  One.  I was disappointed but I kept having weird schedule conflicts one week, and then I spent the next week sick (walking pneumonia) which pretty much took me down completely from working out.

Overall, this was a fun goal.  It was fun to try new places that I had always wanted to go to and nice to mix up my workouts a bit.  And as for being sick, I think I’m on the mend now so I look forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled workouts, and maybe mixing it up here or there with some of the places I enjoyed visiting this month.

Next up on the goal list:  doing a photoshoot to have new photos for my website!