March Goal: Mid-month Update


If you’re following My Monthly Goals for 2018, then you know March is dedicated to “working out around the city.”  My plan is to try new workouts, gyms, yoga studios, etc. that I’ve always wanted to try.  Now that we’re halfway through March, here’s an update on where I’ve been so far . . .


As you’re reading, if you’re wondering how I was able to attend a single class at gyms/studios I don’t belong to — download the Mind Body App and it will allow you to sign up for single classes (and pay via the app) or get a month pass, etc. at gyms and studios across the nation.


Pai Yoga & Fitness (TRX Total Body Conditioning class):  Pai recently opened a new studio in Gahanna and they offer more than your standard yoga classes.  One of the classes they offer is TRX, which is a workout I’ve always wanted to try.  If you’re not familiar with TRX, it’s a workout that uses straps that hang down from a bar (see pic below).

Things I liked about it:  full body workout, fun music, exercises are timed and on a rotation, instructor was very energetic and took the time to show the newbies the moves before class started, we alternated being on the straps and using other equipment like bands, kettle bells, and dumbbells, it made me feel strong (even though my body was shaking through most of it).

Things I didn’t like about it:  I got a little dizzy a couple times.  I’m prone to that during hard workouts, and especially if I’m doing anything that requires me to be inverted like push-ups with your feet in the TRX straps (which you think being a former gymnast I wouldn’t have that problem . . . but, I do).

Would I recommend?:  Yes!  If you need a boost back into more rigorous workouts, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign-up at Pai for a TRX class.

Photos from @paiyogafitness on Instagram

Seven Studios (Pilates class):  I’ve been wanting to take an official pilates class, and I was somewhat familiar with Seven Studios and the owner (her story is pretty cool, here’s a link to her Tedx talk) through free yoga classes I’ve taken at Lulu Lemon, but I had never actually been to the studio itself.  To be honest, it’s smack dab in the middle of downtown which is great because I work a couple blocks away, but I had never been before because I wasn’t sure where the heck to park.  It does look like there’s a parking garage next door, but on this particular night I got super lucky to find a parking meter right by the front door.

Things I liked about it:  It was an excellent ab workout!  Between the TRX class the day before and this pilates class, I basically couldn’t walk the next day.  I felt like this was more of a workout than your standard yoga class, and it used a ball and a Pilates ring which were pieces of equipment I hadn’t used before.

Things I didn’t like about it:  I was hoping to take a pilates class that uses those reformer machines.  Probably my fault for not researching enough (and I’m still trying to figure out if that was like a thing in the 90’s or still relevant?).  I didn’t care for the music that much, but that’s just getting super picky.  I also didn’t like that they had black lights in there because the sun started to go down halfway through the class and I was left spending the last 20 minutes wondering how that much white lint made it’s way onto my shirt.  Also, if you’re intimidated by downtown driving and parking, this one wouldn’t leave you feeling zen when you walk in.

Would I recommend?:  Yes.  It’s a great core workout, but less impact and less rigorous if you’re not ready for a full on TRX or boot camp class.

Photo from @sevenstudios on Instagram

Example of the type of equipment we used

LA Fitness (Body Pump plus Abs class):  I am a member of LA Fitness, so going to this gym isn’t new news, but I have been wanting to try out some of their classes.  This was an hour long total body workout using dumbbells, yoga mat, a chair, and a step.  It was a nice alternative to working out on my own.

Things I liked about it:  I loved that the lady teaching was probably in her 50’s — a nice change up from the mid-twenties instructors.  Even though I’m younger (I’ll be 36 this month, how long can I hang onto “younger?”), I was happy to see someone a little older than me that valued her fitness.  I liked that it was a total body workout and it catered to people of all fitness levels.  This was at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday and I liked that I already had my workout in and back home before 10:00 a.m.  I also think LA Fitness is a nice facility and I kept reminding myself how lucky the members are to have access to certified fitness instructors for no additional charge (for classes, there is an additional charge for personal training sessions).  I liked the fun music and I liked using different equipment like a step and a chair.

Things I didn’t like about it:  I quickly realized that the others taking the class set up their equipment to the right side of the room because you can’t be seen if you stand there; if you’re on the left or middle of the room you can be seen by those lifting weights.  You have to just be comfortable knowing people may see into the room (but I promise you, no one is looking for long and no one cares).

Would I recommend?:  Yes!  I’ll probably drop in another one of these classes the next time I want to mix up my regular visits to LA Fitness and/or want to get in an early Sunday workout.

LIT Life + Yoga (Half LIT class)LIT Life + yoga is a new yoga studio downtown and your first visit is free!  I learned about LIT Life at Lulu Lemon because they were the studio of the month and taught the free classes for four Sundays.  I started following them on Instagram and the place looked super cool.

Things I liked about it:  This place is so hipster  I loved everything about the location.  It is 2 minutes from my work, walking distance from my favorite café (Fox in the Snow), has a super cute and cool brick exterior, and parking was so convenient.  It’s a back entrance if you’re on the main street (Fourth St), which again, made it even more hipster-ish.  They would also win the award for “best lobby” if there was such a thing.  Their lobby is this little beautiful room with heated floors and a cool glass door.  It feels very calming and peaceful as soon as you walk in.  Unlike other yoga studios I’ve been to, this one has only 1 studio in it — and again, even that was cool — very limited, very VIP, very cool kids club.  They get an A+ for general building layout and lighting too.

Things I didn’t like about it:  Nothing, really.  My only issue was my own personal one . . . I was just having a “I feel out of shape” kind of night and I was sore from the Body Pump class from LA Fitness.

Would I recommend?  Yes!  If you are having a girlfriend visit you for the weekend and you’re both into yoga, take her to this location followed by a trip to Fox in the Snow and you guys will have a stereotypical hipster Instagram-worthy type of day!

Photos from @litlifeyoga on Instagram

Next up:  Yoga at a place in Whitehall with a friend I’ve met in yoga classes elsewhere, and a candlelit yoga class in Reynoldsburg on Sunday.  TBD on what I get myself into the following week!