January Goal: Month-end Update


If you’re following My Monthly Goals for 2018, then you know January was dedicated to eating clean and working out.  I did a January Goal: Mid-month Update where I shared how it had been going halfway through, and now I’m going to give you my month-end recap:


My goal this month:  Eat clean and workout at least 30 minutes per day

How it went:  Excellent!  I give myself an A for the month

What went well:  I stuck to my meal plans and workout plans.  I decided very early on that instead of 30 minutes of exercise per day, 7 days a week that I would lift weights and do cardio 5 times a week.  My food choices went very well because I made a list each weekend of all my meals and snacks for the following week and then I actually stuck to the plan!  Out of 22 days that I planned to workout, I did 21 workouts (the 1 day I missed was due to not feeling well).  Instead of focusing on the one day I missed, I reflected on how in previous months I was making it to the gym 1 day and missing the other 21 days.  So, I feel pretty darn good!  I also went back to lifting weights and while there’s room to push myself more, I feel really good about the work I put in this month.

What could’ve been better:  I stayed true to my plan, so I don’t have a list of what could’ve been better.  Of course, my food choices could always be tightened up just a little more, and of course some of my walks could’ve been runs.  But I’m focusing on the positives.

What I learned:  I can actually do it.  Packing gym clothes the night before is critical.  Writing down my plan for each meal and snack for the week is way more effective than “oh, I know what’s healthy, I’ll just make a healthy choice wherever I end up eating.”  Planning food and workouts week to week while referencing your actual calendar and upcoming commitments is much more effective than planning for the full month in one sitting.  Drinking tea in the morning makes me feel better than coffee.  Feeling physically healthy makes me happier.

What helped:  I shared in detail in my mid-month update what helped, but simply put, I donated my scale at the beginning of the month and it proved to be the most effective approach (aside from all the planning).  I have no clue how many pounds I did or didn’t lose, but I know how I feel (and I know a pair of dress pants that didn’t fit last month officially fit this month!).

How I feel:  Happy.  Proud.  Ready to continue the momentum I’ve started on staying as healthy as possible.

Next month’s goal:  Writing four chapters for my second book!