How to Get Rid of Headaches and Have Perfect Skin


Eating a perfect diet, hitting the gym every day, and having the perfect skin care routine is a hard gig to keep up with every day of our lives.  But, if you do nothing else…even if you skip your workouts and “accidentally” eat pizza and you go to bed with your make up on your face…at least do this one thing…

Drink lemon water.

I’ve heard crazy stats in the past about how dehydrated the average person is, which is no surprise when we find out the average person experiences daily headaches among other ailments.  Drinking water is one easy way we can help ourselves with some of the things that nag us that we don’t even realize half the time because we’re so used to feeling that way.

So grab a glass bottle (because plastic was so last year, and apparently we’re all going to die from something in the plastic now) and double your water intake.  If you drink zero water per day, shoot for at least 1 glass.  If you drink 2 or 3 glasses a day, shoot for 4 or 6.  Yes, you will have to pee a lot…but that’s better than suffering half the day with a headache or aches and pains.

And even better, if you want to help with your digestion and have glowing skin while you’re at it, drop some lemon in that water and voila!