Five “Breakfast for Dinner” Egg Dishes


If I’m cooking dinner at home and don’t have the patience to wait on some sort of meat to cook and/or don’t want to deal with the big production of it all, I will oftentimes do a breakfast for dinner theme using eggs as my protein.  If you’re looking for new ideas for dinner, here are a few egg dishes that are good for morning or night!


Egg Sandwich:  What I appreciate most about an egg is how fast it cooks!  If you’re starving but don’t want to binge eat everything in the pantry, throw an egg in a skillet for a few minutes and and toss it on a toasted Ezekial Sprouted Grain English muffin with a little bit of cheese (or a piece of turkey bacon) and voila!  Add a little guacamole if you want to get really fancy with it.

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Omelet:  You do not need a fancy omelet machine to make an omelet.  Put 3 eggs in a skillet, toss in feta cheese, add any vegetables you have in the house, and then fold the egg over.  Boom, done.

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Crustless Quiche:  This one takes a little longer than the ones above, but can provide great leftovers or feed a few people.  I like a crustless broccoli quiche and have been successful in finding good recipes off Pinterest.  Here’s an example of a recipe which is pretty straightforward.  If you make this on a Sunday night, it can serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner throughout the week.

Photo from Jenn Segal’s Once Upon a Chef website

Egg Muffins:  This is like a mini spin on the crustless quiche.  Get yourself a good non-stick muffin pan, eggs, cheese, and broccoli.  You’re going to mix them and pour them into the muffin pan to make essentially tiny little quiches.  These can be used as leftovers throughout the week and only require a quick warm up in the microwave.  Here’s a great recipe.

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Egg Tacos:  One of my favs!  Scramble some eggs, sprinkle on some cheese, add in salsa, and put into a whole wheat tortilla shell and you’ve made yourself a yummy little breakfast taco for dinner.  This taco takes literally 5 minutes to make and is very filling!  If you’re going above and beyond, toss in some black beans or avocado.

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Hope these dishes inspire you to have healthy and eggcellent meals this week.