10 Things to Get Your Gal for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day.  A day to show your love for all your peeps.  At a loss of what to get the lovely lady in your life?  Here’s 10 ideas to earn yourself bonus points and keep her feeling loved.  You’re welcome.

10 –  Books – Buy her a good read.  If you don’t know what is considered a “good read” these days, see my list below for recommendations.  Also, don’t just give her the book.  Open the cover and write inside “I thought you’d love this book” or “Take a day off and just go relax and read” or “I hope this book makes you laugh” or something sappy.

“Do What I Say” – written by me.  Because this is my blog and I can do things like this.  Available on Amazon on Valentine’s Day.

“Present Over Perfect” – by Shauna Niequist

“Yes Please” – by Amy Poehler

“The 5 Love Languages” – by Gary Chapman

“The Best Yes” or “Univinted” – by Lysa TerKeurst

9 – Champagne & Chocolate – You just can’t go wrong with this.  If you live in Columbus, OH then head to Cooper’s Hawk and get some of that raspberry or peach champagne, and then stop at Godiva and get the real deal type of chocolate.  See also:  play Amos Lee’s Pandora station and light candles and make the house peaceful while you chitchat and drink champagne and eat chocolate for dinner.

8 – Salon Appointment + Brunch – Call the salon and ask who she sees there and schedule an appointment.  An express pedicure is enough.  It’s the thought that counts.  Drop her off, pick her up, and then take her to the trendiest place you can find for brunch.  Ditch dinner plans because Valentine’s Day dinners are overrated and way too crowded.  Hit up brunch instead – it’s way more hipster.  If you’re in Columbus, OH, I’d suggest The Pearl, The Barn (though I haven’t been for brunch yet but it sounds amazing), Phil Co Diner, or Cap City Diner.

7 –Beachwaver Curling Iron – If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen my video on this magical thing.  If your lady has long hair, go directly to Amazon and type in “beachwaver S1” and hit order.  Yup, it’s over $120.  You love her, don’t you?

6 – Customized Wooden Keepsake Box – I am in love with the company Wayfaren.  They have the coolest travel-inspired products.  Hit up their site and check out their boxes.  Have one engraved with your gal’s name or something that is representative of your relationship.

5 – Acts of Service – Is there a room she wants painted?  A chore you were supposed to do awhile ago but didn’t do?  A picture she wants hung?  Is her car filthy?  Furniture she wants moved but can’t lift?  Go do the thing.  Do the thing you know darn well she wants done.  And do it before she gets home.  And do it to perfection.

4 –  Pajamas + Cashmere Socks + Lavender Pillow Spray  – Go pick out pajamas that you think she’d be super comfortable in and inclined to wear all the time.  Not some awkward lacey item that she’ll never wear.  I’m talking the comfortable pants that feel so soft to touch.  Now, add in cashmere socks.  Not just any ol’ fluffy pair of socks, I’m talking look at the tag until you find cashmere.  And then, buy some lavender pillow spray.  Also, wrap it.  Not a gift bag.  Get a box and some paper and a giant ribbon.

3 –Tickets to a Concert, Show, or Comedian – What music does she listen to often?  Does she love theater?  Is there a comedian she likes?  Buy the tickets.  The show doesn’t even have to be in February, just buy them and it’ll give you guys something to countdown to.

2 –Matching Tattoos – Yeah, I said it.  Why not?  You only live once.

1 –Handwritten Love Letter – I think everyone knows by now that a good ol’ fashion handwritten love letter is the way to my heart.  Just get out a piece of paper and write down how much you love her.  Make a list of the things you love about her, make it rhyme and call it a poem, or just write sentences that don’t seem to fit well together but express your love.  I realize most men have terrible handwriting and in our technology age it’s probably been ten years since you’ve actually written a string of 30 or more words together.  But just go for it, man.

…and don’t forget the chocolate.