Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make You the Favorite Child


If you’re reading this on Saturday — you likely clicked on this because you (re)realized tomorrow is Father’s Day and you still don’t have a gift for that dad or dad-like figure in your life.  Never fear. . .I’ve got your back because my love language is gifts!  Here are a handful of last-minute ideas that will leave your Dad feeling loved:

(For every type of Dad) – Amazon Prime Membership:  I mean, do you really even need to scroll the rest of the list?  This gift is a winner for sure and will have you ranking as the favorite child in a matter of three simple clicks.  If you have Amazon Prime, you know the value!  Hop on Amazon, type in “Amazon Prime Membership” in the search box, add it to your cart ($99 for a year by the way, but there’s also a cheaper three-month option available), type in their email address as the recipient, and voila. . . they’ll receive an email saying they have one-year of the greatest no-shipping-fee gift a Dad could get.  Spoiler alert:  this is what my dad will be receiving this year.

(For the golfer type of Dad) – Tee time:  Just call the course he likes and schedule the tee time.  Plan for the place where you’ll take him to breakfast, have the tee time scheduled, and just let him only have to worry about his golf game that day.  And if all the courses are booked this weekend and it’s just not working out, schedule it a few weeks out and buy him some Pro V1 golf balls to actually give him tomorrow and let him know he’ll need them in a few weeks.

(For the Dad who lives far away) – Omaha Steaks:  Go to the Omaha Steaks website and order a box full of steaks and they’ll ship straight from your grill (also known as the internet) to his grill.  It (most likely) won’t be delivered by tomorrow per se, but at least ya got somethin’ en route to him.

(For the reader type of Dad) – Books:  Let’s not forget about the old school gift of a good ol’ fashion book.  Go to your local bookstore and find whatever genre fits him best:  military, cookbook, non-fiction, business books, humor.  Open the inside cover and write a note to him about how you picked that book because it reminded you of him, and then wrap it in real wrapping paper with a real silk ribbon around it.  Add in a yeti mug or some of his favorite coffee and you’re definitely out-gifting your siblings.

(For the Dad in Heaven) – Plant a tree:  With every joyful and celebratory “hallmark holiday” type of weekend, there are many who will be remembering their Dads who have already gone to Heaven.  Whether it’s been a month or over a decade, the beauty of planting a strong and growing memory tree can sometimes be a physical comfort that is a sweet reminder of the legacy of loved ones who have passed.

(For the Dad-like figure type of Dad) – Love note:  As if a gift recommendation list from me wouldn’t include “love note.”  If you have a big brother through the Big Brother Big Sisters Foundation, or you have a step-dad, or you have an amazing grandfather, or you have a husband who just became a dad, or you simply have a husband who wants to be a dad, or you have a single uncle that has always acted like your dad. . . whatever the case, put that pen to paper and pour your little heart out in the way that makes that man on the receiving end of that letter uncomfortable, but you write that note.  You tell him all the things you love about him and what a father-figure is to you and how he plays that role in your life.  Buy the nice stationary.  Sign your name in cursive.

Whether your Dad is in the same town as you, across the country, or in Heaven. . . I hope this weekend if filled with sweet moments or memories to honor the special men in your lives.