Trendy Places to Visit in Columbus, OH


This year will mark 10 years that I’ve lived in Columbus, OH, and I love it for so many reasons.  While we live in the suburbs, I can get downtown in 30 minutes and there’s an endless amount of places around the city that feed my inner wannabe hipster.  If you’re coming to Columbus soon, or you’re a Columbus native and just want to try some new-to-you hot spots, here are some of my favs . . .

Fox in the Snow Café:  If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know it’s one of my favs — also the location of my book launch party last year.  Since that party, they’ve opened a second location in German Village.  Fox in the Snow not only has great coffee, but their pastries are all amazing, their egg sandwich is worth bragging about, and they don’t have WiFi to encourage people to actually talk, in real life.

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Stump PlantsStump Plants is a must-go if you’re sprucing up your home.  There are multiple locations around the city, but the one in German Village is cute as can be.  It’s a place full of every trendy yet comforting yet cool yet unique plants that you didn’t even know you needed.  My birthday is at the end of the month and I think “a giant plant from Stump to go in the corner of one of our rooms” is on my list this year.


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The Kitchen:  Thanks to a friend, I have officially been introduced to Taco Tuesday’s at The Kitchen.  The Kitchen serves numerous purposes/events, but most commonly known for their participatory dining experiences.  BUT, on Tuesday nights you can swing in with no obligation to cook for yourself or your friends.  On Tuesday afternoons they will post their menu for the night online, and each taco has a clever name related to that night’s theme (e.g. Harry Pottery, Beverly Hills 90210, Mardi Gras, etc.)  These aren’t your standard tacos.  They have a gourmet flare to them.  Between that and the ambience, it’s an easy and affordable way to impress your friends and move your cool factor up a notch.

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The Northstar Café:  One of my go-to’s for breakfast/brunch is Northstar.  You can find several scattered throughout the city.  The first couple times you visit you may feel like you can’t find anything you like, as their menu is the exact opposite of The Cheesecake Factory when it comes to length.  It’s a one page menu, but I promise, you’ll love it!  The food is healthier yet has options everyone will like, and I always advise washing it down with a mint iced coffee!

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Pistacia Vera:  I used to say I wasn’t a fan of macaron’s . . . but that was mainly because I had never had a macaron from Pistacia Vera.  If you’re looking for a light weight treat, or a unique gift idea, you have to check out the unique flavors they offer.  Throw on your trendy sunglasses and sit in their window seats at their German Village location to feel very cool.

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Enjoy Columbus!