The One Thing I Do Every Single Day


There’s one thing I do every single day.  I never miss a day.  It doesn’t matter what type of mood I’m in, how early or late I’m running, or if I’m staying home or leaving the house . . . I make the bed every single day.

It may seem like a trivial thing to some.  I’ve even found there’s two camps of people:  the people who make their bed every single day of their lives, and the people who never make their bed a single day of their lives (unless their in-laws are visiting).

It started as something I did because my mom is a super organized and clean person, so I just picked up the behavior she modeled for me.  And then I married Chris who is the only person on the same playing field as my mom in the world of organization, so I just kept making the bed because the rest of the house was tidy.  And then it turned into somewhat of a superstition — I was convinced if I didn’t make the bed I would end up having a bad day . . . as if dishevled sheets would result in a disheveled life.  And then it turned into a pet peeve if I went to someone else’s house (or more commonly saw a photo on Instagram where someone’s bed was in the background) and found the comforter was pushed to the side and the sheets were in disarray.

I make the bed every day because we cannot control a lot of what happens in the day but we can control how our bed looks.  No matter how chaotic, fast-paced, stressful, and busy of a day I’m having, I can come home at the end of it to a perfectly made and inviting bed.  The blankets are tucked in perfectly just as I left them early in the morning.  The pillows smell like lavender from the spray I put on them the night before.  The only thing on the foot of the bed are a pair of pajamas.  It’s not messy.  It’s not confusing.  It’s not stressful.  It’s not one more thing I didn’t do and should have done.  It’s not going to cause me irritation when the bottom of the sheet isn’t tucked in to the slot by the footboard.  It’s a place to simply rest.

It’s a five minute job that brings a huge sense of comfort, order, and relief.

To all of you out there with your half of your comforter on the floor, and pillows smooshed up, and sheets that somehow flipped themselves around (it’s making me antsy thinking about it) . . . make your bed.  Just make it.  Take five minutes and make it like your mother is coming over for a visit.  Make it because you deserve a perfectly made bed at the end of the day.  Make it so you have a small slice of perfection and comfort in a day of chaos.  I promise, it will change your life!

Now, sleep tight . . . don’t let the bed bugs bite.