Take the Class Challenge!

I’m starting a challenge and by the simple fact that your eyeballs are reading these words means you’re in.

Remember all those hobbies you wanted to learn?  The skills you wanted to pick up?  The creativity you wanted to express?  The device you wanted to learn how to use better?  The instrument you wanted to play?  The dinner you wanted to learn to cook?

I, hereby, challenge you, oh loyal blog reader, to take the class.  We all have that one class we’ve wanted to take and I’m here to grant you official permission to take the class!

Last weekend I took a three hour “Writing Comedy & Satire Workshop” and it was the best use of my time that day.  I absolutely loved everything about it and it only cost me $40.  I met new people and reconnected with old friends and I learned a lot.

In two weeks, I’m taking a hand lettering class.  Why?  Because for two years I’ve walked in Paper Source and saw their schedule of classes and kept telling myself ‘I want to learn to write fancy like that.’  So, I went home, called the store, signed up for the class, and in two weeks I should be able to write the prettiest love notes one has ever seen.

All this inspired Chris too.  He’s now taking an REI compass and map class.  What does this mean?  I have no idea.  Will they drop him in the woods and I may never see him again?  Maybe.  Does anyone use a real compass anymore?  I have no clue.  But, he signed up and he’s doing it and I can already see the joy the whole idea is bringing to him.

So, all you have to do is this:

*Actually sign up/register for a real class you’ve been wanting to take forever (see below for a list to inspire ideas)

*Share this post and use #taketheclasschallenge to pay it forward and challenge a friend or to invite them to take a class with you

*Write me (you can use the “contact” section of my site) and tell me all the gory details!  Include pics of crafts you made, photos you took, or a selfie in a classroom before class starts.  And by doing this you give me the thumbs up to possibly give you a shout out for your accomplishments in future blog posts.

Can’t think of anything to do because you’ve lost all memory of classes you’ve ever had an interest in?  Here’s a list to inspire ideas:

  • Exercise class.  If you haven’t tried spinning or Zumba, what are you doing?
  • eCourse on building a business, using social media, building a brand.  You can take these while sitting in bed in your pajamas.
  • Hand lettering or card making
  • Dust off your camera and take the class where they actually teach you how to use it for real
  • Apple offers all kinds of free classes in-store on how to take better pics with your phone, or how to use the features we all don’t know how to use.
  • Sewing classes at Jo-Ann fabric
  • Cooking classes
  • Music classes
  • Pottery or painting classes
  • Improv classes
  • Writing classes
  • Financial classes
  • Bible studies
  • Flower arranging

See ya in class!