Five Products I’m Loving: 3rd Edition


Occasionally, I come across items that I’ve purchased and love and feel should be shared with the world so you can in fact buy them and love them too.  I’m coming to you with five more products I’m loving, in what seems to be turning into somewhat of a series after posting “Five Products I’m Loving” and “Five Products I’m Loving: 2nd Edition.”  So here we go, a 3rd edition of things I’m loving . . .

Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate Facial Cleanser: I picked up this cleanser from Sephora near the checkout counter.  You know, the section of travel sized items they make you weave through before you drop over $100 on other make-up items you likely don’t need?  And because they’re travel size, you’re like “oh, I’ve always wanted to try that, why not?” or “oh, I’ve heard great things about Kate Somerville’s line, what’s another $20 for a small tube of cleanser?”  Yup, that’s how this landed in my life.  I like this because it smells fairly good, and it’s kind of no-nonsense.  It’s easy to get out of the tube, I splash some water on my face and then put this on, wash it off, and it feels like it’s making my dry skin feel better.  I’ve linked to it above and it’s $60, but if you find yourself aimlessly roaming the Sephora travel sized section — you can probably find a small tube for $20.  I give it a thumbs up!

Nickel & Suede Leather Earrings:  I’m LOVING this brand!  I was shopping in my hometown a couple months ago (Tipp City, OH) at a local store, and they had a number of leather earrings from Nickel & Suede.  My mom ended up buying me two pair for my birthday and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.  Aside from that, they are SO lightweight.  I have typically not been much of an earring person, and I honestly think it’s because all the “trendy” earrings always felt so heavy and bothered my ears.  You won’t even know you have these earrings in and apparently leather, large, fun earrings are totally the in thing to do these days.  So snatch yourself a pair and pull your hair half back to show off your new trendy self.  They’re around $25 per pair.

Kenneth’s Brilliance Flat Iron Spray:  My mom has been using this product and I’m always complimenting her hair, so I of course had to buy some for myself.  This is sold at the salon I go to in Columbus, OH, but it appears you can buy their retail online.  After I get out of the shower and brush my hair, I spray this on lightly before I dry it.  It protects your hair from heat — which I’m applying to my hair everyday, so it seems like a smart idea.  It smells good too!  I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and I think overall my hair has looked a lot better when I use a flat iron on it.  It’ll cost ya $19.50 (worth it!).

Custom Stamp Gift Box:  Now, this can double as a great gift idea too.  I bought this custom stamp gift box from Paper Source (one of my favorite stores!) and love using it when I send letters or cards in the mail.  The way it works is, you buy the gift box, you go online to the website it tells you to in the box with the code it gives you, you pick out the format/design you like, you plug in your personal information (name, home address, etc.) and they mail you a plate to put on the stamp with your name and address to clip onto the stamp, and . . . voila.  It gives you a personalized return address stamp you can use to fancy up your snail mail.  It’ll cost you around $39.


Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote:  My dad and stepmom got me this bag for my birthday, and it’s perfect for so many reasons.  It has a longer strap and shorter straps, so you have flexibility on how you want to carry it.  It’s also very nice brown leather so it’s a good transition from all the dark black colors a lot of us carry, especially in the winter.  I typically carry a wristlet-style purse, so this is perfect for the weekend when I’m going out and about and may have a handful of items with me that don’t fit in the wristlet.  I can throw them all in this bag and bee-bop on my way.  Plus, it’s super stylist in my opinion.  It’ll run ya about $158.