Fashion for all Occasions


As you do a little holiday shopping this season — some for others, some for yourself — here are some of my favorite go-to looks for every occasion if you’re looking for gift ideas or to spruce up your own wardrobe.


The Board Room Look:  If you’re a fellow professional gal, try ditching the all black suit and brightening up the winter blues with this hot pink blazer from Nine West ($59) paired with my favorite black ankle pants from Express ($39).  What I love about this jacket is the professional flare without the hassle of a collar.  You will not go missed in your next meeting with this pop of color.  This will become your new power suit.  Go get that promotion, girl!


The Sunday Brunch Look:  What’s better than wearing an oversized t-shirt when you’re hanging out with your gal pals over coffee, mimosas, and fancy schmancy brunch meals that look like they belong in a magazine?!  I’m loving this Back To The Basics Black Day Dress from TOBI ($22) because it’s so comfortable (and who doesn’t need a plain black dress in their closet?!), and it’s easy to dress up with fancy jewelry or pair with my favorite denim jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch ($44) for a more casual look.  Or check out several other great looks from TOBI you can use as base layers and can style with your favorite jackets and accessories.

The First Date Look:  I wear this dress all the time!  Matter of fact — I have two (the other one is blue and white).  I found this one at the J. Crew Factory store.  If you’re looking for a good deal and you’re okay with purchasing a look from last season, be sure to check out your local (or online) J. Crew outlet for dresses that can take you from work, to a family function, to a first date all while having the perfect combination of dressy yet casual and comfortable.  Bonus . . . sometimes their dresses have pockets!  I also recommend always having a couple shrugs from Amazon ($34.99) to throw over your dress when you’re cold or if you want to make the dress look a bit more modest.  I of course use the denim jacket whenever possible.

The Christmas Morning Look:  If you want to wear a dress to your family Christmas gathering, but really wish you were wearing flannel pajamas . . . then look no more!  Check out the Checkmate Plaid Shift Dress by TOBI ($36).  Throw this over a pair of LuLaRoe black one size leggings and your favorite pair of black boots and you’ll be giving the illusion of style and formality while feeling super comfortable all day long.  My favorite thing about this dress is it looks like an oversized shirt, but since it’s technically a dress it hangs low enough in the back to cover . . . well . . . areas we sometimes want covered.  Spruce up this look with Moderato lipstick by Lancôme for a fun punch of color and accessorize with a cute cuff bracelet from Pieces of Me ($29) which represents a different trait like “friendly,” “adventurous,” “creative,” etc. (take their online quiz to find the trait that best represents you!).

The Artsy Look:  Heading to a coffee shop to work on your next book?  Heading to a museum with friends?  Heading to an art show?  Carrying around a journal and documenting your hopes and dreams?  It only seems right to wear the the Kinsley Wrap Dress by TOBI ($78) paired with a CALIA by Carrie Underwood infinity scarf ($35) if you’re livin’ a life of creativity and want to be dressy yet comfortable.

Happy Shopping!