Brooke’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017


If you’re out of gift ideas for all your favorite people . . . fear no more!  The blog is for you!  Here are some of my favorite and unique items that will leave your friends and family happy this holiday season.


Wayfaren Handcrafted Keepsakes:  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you’ve heard me talk about Wayfaren because I love their adventure and travel inspired products.  A couple of my favorite items are the large walnut keepsake box that you can have personalized with an engraving on top ($170), and I love their push pin maps ($205).

Bonus!  I contacted the nice people of Wayfaren and if you use the code SHOPSMALL17 when you shop Friday (11/24) – Monday (11/27), you will get 15% off your entire order.  Don’t forget to order early if you’re planning to personalize the item.


David’s Walnut Orange Scone Tea:  I’m not really a tea drinker but when I saw David’s Tea opened at Easton Town Center, I decided to go in and give one of their ready now teas a try.  Oh my!  It was so good I actually called the store when I got home to confirm the name of the flavor.  Upon returning to the store, I took a poll of the staff and they all agreed the walnut orange scone is their favorite holiday flavor.  You can buy a box of tea bags for $10, or you can purchase the tea loose in a canister for $24.  It’s amazing and will not disappoint!

Meaningful Beauty Skincare:  Listen, when my mom said she fell victim to late night Cindy Crawford infomercials and that she was now interested in giving Meaningful Beauty a’ go . . . I obviously teased her.  I teased her, but then ordered her a few of the items off Amazon so she could try them.  Long story short, about a month later her face looked fab!  We’re both prone to rosacea and I couldn’t believe how clear her face looked.  So, naturally, I ordered myself the line too — and let’s just say someone guessed I was 19 years old the other day.  So get yourself or the lovely ladies in your life this skincare line.  If it’s good enough for Cindy Crawford, it should be good enough for you!  The five piece set ($31.96 + free shipping, which is a steal compared to what I paid!) includes day cream, cleanser, lifting and filling treatment, a magical serum, and eye cream; and then I highly recommend adding on the night cream ($50 on Amazon).




Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels:  These are addicting!  And amazing!  Someone brought these to work once and I tried one on a whim.  Um, yes!  The perfect gift for coworkers or that family member with a sweet tooth.  You can snag a box or two on Amazon for $12.79 if you do not live near a Trader Joe’s store.

Felix Gray Computer Glasses:  Most of us spend our days staring at a computer screen.  Save your loved one’s eye balls the eye fatigue and stress by ordering them a pair of Felix Gray glasses.  These are an ideal gift for someone who doesn’t currently wear glasses.  They are a non-prescription pair of glasses that protect your eyes from the blue light glare that comes from electronic screens (and you have the option to add magnification).  These will run you around $90-$100 but will be worth it when you see their cute lenses.

Save yourself 10% by using the code THANKS10.

Ink+Volt Signature Planner:  You know I love journals and you know I love goals!  Buy yourself or your ambitious friends and family the Ink+Volt 2018 Signature Planner to give them the gift of planning and achieving their goals for a mere $40.  What sets this planner/journal apart from all the others are the prompts on each page to help you achieve 30 day challenges.  It will prompt you to write down why you want to achieve those goals, your plan of action, etc.  A great gift for Christmas so you can kick off 2018 with something to help you stay the course of your resolutions!

Happy Shopping!