The Question to Always Ask Yourself


Like you, I’m at the start of a new year.  My notes in my journal, my scribbles in my planner, and my digital notepad in my phone are full of all the things I’m planning to tackle this year.  Among the list are launching this new website which includes launching a new blog and launching my first book.  I guess “launch” is the word.  As I line up a photographer for new headshots, or continue posting a countdown to my book release, or get antsy and excited to blog about all the topics I’ve had stirring in my mind for awhile, I’m reminded how self-centered of a culture we live in.  When you buy a domain name that is literally your full name with a .com on the end, you have to ask yourself why you’re doing all of this and make sure it’s not a celebration of “me” all the time.

I’m a huge fan of self care.  I’m also a huge fan of achievements and personal accomplishments.  I believe in spending time by yourself, making mid-week massage appointments at a spa just because you deserve it, treating yourself to things because you’ve worked hard, taking a selfie when you’re having a good hair and make-up day, going for the gusto on life goals, and all of the things that make a person mentally, physically, and emotionally happy.  But as I start this year and I begin to accomplish what is on my list – it can all feel so “look at me.”  And don’t get me wrong, I was an only child for 17 years which can come with “look at me syndrome” on occasion.  But as I launch these things…blogs, websites, books, and anything else that may require my name to be printed on it or my headshot to be posted on it – I am pausing a little more to come back to the one question we should always ask ourselves…

“…so that I may bless whom?”

I wish I could say I came up with that question myself (so that I could brag about myself and say “look at me” of course) but this is something I learned from reading Lysa TerKeurst’s book “The Best Yes.”  She talks about how we should add this phrase on the end of a sentence when we get into something new.

“I want a promotion…so that I may bless whom?”

“I want to start a company…so that I may bless whom?

“I want to teach a class, talent, skill, etc…so that I may bless whom?”

“I want to start a blog…so that I may bless whom?”

“I want to win the lottery…so that I may bless whom?”

I love this idea because it helps keep you in check on your true motivation for doing things.  So as this one blog post turns into thousands of blog posts, and thousands of blog posts turn into a second book, and a second book turns into countdowns and selfies and videos and everything in between – in the background I will be asking myself ‘…so that I may bless whom?’

As you follow along with my writing this year, behind the photos with filters (that better make my hair and make-up look perfect <<hair flip>>) know that I am praying my words inspire you to try new things, motivate you to expand your horizons, challenge you to think differently, or simply bless you with a laugh in your day on a level that you feel you can relate…so that I may bless you.

Think about your plans for this year and ask yourself who you are blessing.