The Meaning Behind the Color of a Rose


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

The color of a flower means a thing or two,

And that’s what I’m here to tell all of you.


Before you order up your next bouquet of flowers for a special someone, take a minute to review my handy cheat sheet of the meaning behind rose colors just in case you didn’t know . . .

Red Roses:  Passion and love.  Send red roses if you want to say “I love you”on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.

Pink Roses:  Joy, sweetness, and admiration.  Send pink roses if you want to say “I admire you and think you’re sweet.”  Pink roses feel right for those newly dating, for a dad to send their daughter, or for a hallmark holiday like Sweetest Day.

Purple Roses:  Enchantment.  Purple roses should be your go-to for love at first sight.

Yellow Roses:  Joy and friendship.  Send yellow roses to a girlfriend, an aunt, someone who you want to thank for something special they did for you.

White:  Innocence and purity.  Send white roses to a new bride, a graduate, or incorporate into a wedding to say “here’s to new beginnings.”

Orange:  Energy and enthusiasm.  Send to a new flame to show how much you dig your new relationship and fiery future.

Peach:  Appreciation and gratitude.  Send peach roses to say “thank you” to someone and to show how much you appreciate them.  Oh how I love a bouquet of peach roses.


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