My Dream Jobs


I love to play “what is your dream job?” with people.  If I could wake up tomorrow and live out my dream job, here are a handful of the ones that would leave me skipping to and from “work.”


Speaker:  I have always wanted to be a speaker.  The kind that travels around to different conferences changing the lives of people one overly air-conditioned arena at a time.  I am a talker and love to gab, but more importantly, I find a lot of value and motivation in the speakers I follow and pay money to see in real-life and I would love to have the same impact for others.  I’ve always said I wouldn’t travel more than 25% of my time for a job because I think anything more than that takes a serious toll on your life, but two trips per month that were two nights per trip . . . count me in!  I’d obviously have an agent who booked all my travel, and hair and make-up would always be provided during pre-show.

Reviewer/Blogger:  I love this blog — I like to call it my “passion project” because that both sounds cool and intense, and I feel it’s a forum to share my passion on whatever topic is top of mind.  But I think it would be really cool if venues, restaurants, stores, authors, singers, etc. paid me to come review their new dishes, albums, store openings, etc. and write about them on my blog.  I’d obviously have a massive following and could single-handedly change the spending habits of people and help launch local venues into higher successes.  I’d also randomly pick up great photography skills too and would incorporate my unique photos into the blog posts.  Chris would also be in awe and love the life of all the free adventures we would get.

Author:  I mean, technically, I am an author.  I wrote a book, there was a book launch party, and my name is now a thing on Amazon’s search engine.  If you haven’t read my book, pick it up here.  But I do wish I could be a full time author publishing books people couldn’t wait to get their slimy little hands on.  I’d act all put-out by the book tour and media commitments I’d have — but secretly, I’d love every single second.

Sitcom Writer:  I used to say that my dream job would be to act on a popular sitcom . . . referencing shows like “Friends” where the show was renewed every year, people were loyal viewers of the show, and I’d have some sort of trailer I’d show up in at 5 a.m. looking terrible with a Starbucks in hand that my assistant got for me and then I’d come out of the trailer looking gorgeous, I’d put in 3-4 hours of work, and cash in my $1 million per episode.  Actually, as I type that out — that is still my dream life!  But now that I’m older and smarter and stuff and have a bit of rosacea on my face that may show on camera, I would love to be a writer on a sitcom.  I mean . . . whoever those amazing magical people are behind the show “This Is Us” . . . bravo man, bravo!  <<slow clap, bow down>>.

Documentary Film Maker:  Documentaries are by far my favorite genre of movies.  Also, they say (whoever “they” is) people who are writers have a gift for observing the small subtle moments in life.  I would consider myself in this camp.  I would love to create a documentary.  Every time I meet a new character in my life with these unique quirks or crazy backstories, I find myself wishing I was catching raw footage of their lives.  Again, this one would require me to wear my hair in an unwashed bun, oversized headphones mostly around my neck, maybe an oversized flannel or t-shirt that was actually $125 from a boutique.  I don’t know, a lot of being a documentary film maker seems like you have to look like you’ve sacrificed personal hygiene for your craft . . . and I’m okay with that.  Just imagine how great the night of the premier would be!

Special note:  All jobs would require me to have a loft in NYC that I’d have to go to at least one weekend a month.  When people asked what I was doing that weekend I’d always respond “Oh <<exhale>> I’m off to New York . . . sigh . . . I have this press event and then I’m writing all weekend.  I’ll probably go on a couple runs at Central Park . . . it helps me clear my head” as if my craft and glamorous life is so exhausting.  


I’m a big believer in “go for your dreams.”  I really don’t think anything is off limits in life.  No one will rescue you or give things to you, but now that I’ve typed this list out . . . it leaves me pondering next steps . . .

What’s your dream job?  Why aren’t you doing it?