Get Organized Challenge Week 6: The Car


There’s nothing better than getting into your car each morning and re-remembering that you cleaned it out.  This week’s challenge will take you a super quick 15 minutes and will free you from driving your trash around town for months at a time.


This week’s challenge:  Organize your car


Things you’ll need:  1 trash bag, a damp washcloth, a coin purse

Time needed:  15 minutes

Instruction:  Follow these 10 simple steps!


Step 1:  Put your shoes on and take a trash bag to the garage, driveway, etc. (wherever you park)

Step 2:  Open your drivers side door and start purging!  Grab the fast food cups, bags from left over food, Starbucks cup from yesterday, and receipts from Chic-fil-a and put them in the bag.  Take that air freshener you got in your stocking two years ago off the vent and put it in the trash bag — it no longer smells good and you keep driving around with it and don’t even realize it’s just trash.  Bye, bye air freshener.  Grab the tissues and napkins and miscellaneous God knows what and put it in the trash bag.  See, you feel 10x better already, don’t you?

Step 3:  Go to the passenger side and repeat step 2.  Let go of anger you feel when you realize the trash your passenger(s) have been storing in the side door that you didn’t know was over there.  Put it in the trash bag and let your anger go with it.

Step 4:  Hit up the backseat and repeat step 3.

Step 5:  Take your damp washcloth and wipe down your cup holder, inside of your doors, etc.  This isn’t about being perfect and requiring fancy cleaning products, this is about purging crap out of there and wiping the dust off everything.

Step 6:  Open your glove compartment.  Trash basically everything in there.  If you can’t reclose your glove compartment . . . throw more stuff away, you can do it.

Step 7:  Open the center console and toss the trash in there too.

Step 8:  If you have kids in middle school but found toys they played with when they were toddlers, yup, get those the heck out of there.

Step 9:  Take all the loose change and put it in a coin purse (you know you have at least 3-4 coin purses buried in a purse box somewhere).

Step 10:  Optional/bonus step:  Order a trunk organizer from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get your trunk organized while you’re at it.

YOU DID IT!  Six weeks of getting organized.  You are on your way to a decluttered and simplified 2018!  Bravo friends, bravo!